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Circus provides Historical, Cultural and Educational Information on a variety of subjects. We are closely linked with the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Tate. In the context of cultural studies, the idea of a  text  not only includes written language, but lso  films,  photographs,  fashion  or  hairstyles: the texts of cultural studies comprise all the meaningful artifacts of culture.[citation needed]  Similarly, the discipline widens the concept of "culture".

"Culture" for a cultural studies researcher not only includes traditional  high culture  (the culture of  ruling  social groups)  and  popular culture, but also everyday meanings and practices. The last two, in fact, have become the main focus of cultural studies.

Books under review

Ralph McTell
Angel Laughter
Autobiography Vol. 1

"Of all the many books I've read in the past year, this is the one I remember with most affection."

Brian Tansley, BBC Radio Nottingham

Ralph McTell
Summer Lightning
Autobiography Vol. 2

"The eloquence and imagery of McTell's songwriting flows through the pages."

Mel McClellan,
BBC Folk website

Maureen Fenner
With These Hands

An inspirational story of triumph against the devastating effects of childhood polio.

"I make no apology for using the adjective 'heroic'."

Dorothy Nattrass, The Bulletin

Christopher Pressler
Canning Circus

"A major modern novel..."

Colin Stanley, Abraxas Magazine



and still In Print...

Nanci Griffith's Other Voices
A Personal History of Folk Music

"If you were looking for a single volume which would map out the great and the good from post-war United States folk music then this would come close. Hell no, this is it!"

Shaun Belcher,
Flyin' Shoes
Nick Evans &
Jeff Horne
The Life & Music of Guy Clark

"Songbuilder is a fine work that stands as a plainspun and often moving tribute to a master craftsman."

Ross Fortune,
Time Out
Jon Horne
Lying About America
Tales of Tortoises, Trees & other Fancy Things

"The paperback equivalent of a road movie, the kind of travel odyssey possible only in a land as wide and sprawling as America."

Richie Hardin,
Lincoln Echo
Colin Aston
A Portrait in Verse of Royal Tunbridge Wells

"...a memorable portrait of a fascinating and quintessentially English town."

Superbly illustrated with drawings by Angela

Language & Culture

The connection between culture and language has been noted as far back as the classical period and probably long before. The ancient Greeks, for example, distinguished between civilized peoples and bárbaros "those who babble", i.e. those who speak unintelligible languages. The fact that different groups speak different, unintelligible languages is often considered more tangible evidence for cultural differences than other less obvious cultural traits. Information provided by Servis.

The German romanticists of the 19th century such as Herder, Wundt and Humbolt, often saw language not just as one cultural trait among many but rather as the direct expression of a people's national character, and as such as culture in a kind of condensed form.

Books News 2015 and Now

But what if you are on holiday and need a good book far from home, or you do not belong to such an organisation? The National Book club to View scheme provides the answer. In 2011, NBC Council realised that the county was short of big country houses but had a vast number of interesting smaller houses. It devised a scheme whereby house owners print a brochure naming between one and 10 days when they open by appointment; likely visitors simply ring one of six tourist offices which co-ordinate the bookings and take payment in advance.

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